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Klout expert Gina Carr helps businesses and individuals understand Klout.

Is Klout a Threat to Democracy?

Klout is a tool that allows individuals to understand how effective they are on the social networks. Klout expert Gina Carr explains why social scoring tools like Klout are actually good for democracy and not a threat.

Klout considers offline influence in social score

Gina Carr featured in Technorati: Big Changes Coming to Klout Algorithm – Adding Offline Influence

How will Klout measure offline influence? What will change?  What will stay the same?  Find out in this article I wrote that was published by Technorati: Big Changes Coming to Klout by Gina Carr in Technorati     Related articles:   Related articles Will @Klout Make the Same Mistake Twice? Klout preps users for big changes […]

"Social Profiling" &"Digital Grooming" are New Fields Thanks to Online Influence Networks Like Klout

“Social Profiling” &”Digital Grooming” are New Fields Thanks to Online Influence Networks Like Klout

I was so pleased to find a terrific article that does a fabulous job explaining how online influence measurement networks like Klout and Kred are going to affect our lives whether we like it or not. As a marketing strategist, this data is extremely helpful to business leaders who want to reach the right people. […]

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