Compensation Disclosure

The owner of this website, Facebook group, and/or email is required by the FTC to inform you that there is a financial relationship between the owner and some of the products or services it reviews, recommends, or promotes.

  1. Material Affiliation

Please assume that any time a product or service is mentioned, the owner may be compensated. Any recommendations made by the owner for any product or service have been made in good faith, based on either the owner’s own use of the product, or based on the merit of the product in public opinion.

  1. Partiality Statement

Because the owner may be paid, a bias for those products may exist. Every effort has been made to ensure that all reviews are accurate and true, but some bias can be assumed simply because of the material relationship between the owner and the companies involved.

  1. Compensation

The owner may receive monetary compensation for the links on this website, Facebook group, and/or email. If you purchase a product that you find on this material, the owner may be paid a commission, for example.

This disclosure has been made to let you know that any link you may find on this website, Facebook group, and/or email should be assumed to have some financial benefit for the owner. While this may not always be true, it should be assumed that it is.

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