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Wikipedia logoAnyone can have a blog or a Facebook Page.  But, it takes a very special person to qualify for a Wikipedia Page!

If you qualify, you DESERVE to have one.

What will having a Wikipedia Page do for you?

1.  It will establish credibility.  Since a Wikipedia Page comes up #1 or #2 in most search engines, it shows the world that you have established a level of notability in the world.  People recognize that it is difficult to get a Wikipedia Page.

2.  It works as an independent third party endorsement of your thought leadership, concept, or product.

3.  It helps your Klout Score and other social scores.  This counts as “offline influence” for most social scoring systems and can add a hefty boost to your Klout Score thus showing the world that you have a lot of influence.

So, do you qualify**?

Have you been FEATURED in major media publications – Wall Street Journal, CNN, Entrepreneur Magazine – national publications?  Have you been interviewed by a major media outlet – TV, print, radio, online?  If so, you might qualify.

If you qualify**, how do you get one?!

After searching high and low to solve this mystery, I concluded that I could best serve my clients if I offered to create Wikipedia Pages as part of my services.

Because Wikipedia is CROWD-SOURCED, there is some fine print to this offer.  Please read carefully so that you will understand the terms and conditions of this offer.

Wikipedia Page Terms and Conditions

The BUY NOW button below is for the creation of a Wikipedia page for your person, concept, or organization.

Credibility:  Although a Wikipedia page is great for credibility and your online reputation ( it will likely show as #1 or 2 on a Google Search), there are risks involved.

Risks: Please be advised that there are risks associated with this investment as Wikipedia is a “crowd sourced” website which allows many people – thousands of independent Wikipedia editors – to modify and remove pages at will.

Here are some of the risks associated:
the page may be removed if the Wikipedia community believes that you do not meet the “notability*” requirement,
– the page may be modified (added to by others) if there is (or has been) a public scandal/lawsuit/criminal investigation,
– the page will be written in an objective style (versus a marketing style),
– the page may not include things that you believe should be included (must meet Wikipedia guidelines), and
– the page may include your birth date, birth location, parent names, and other info that may increase risk of identity theft or fraud (this info can be left out if desired – however, another Wikipedia editor might add this info).

*Notability: Wikipedia guidelines require that you be “notable.” This means that you have been prominently featured in several third party publications (online or offline), television shows, movies, etc. See

**If you aren’t sure if you will qualify, please schedule an appointment with me and we will review your qualifications:


Time Frame: The time from the “order date” to the “publish” date can take as long as 30 days. If you would like to RUSH the project, you can pay a RUSH fee of an additional $500. Let me know if you need this link.
Guarantee: I guarantee that the page will get published on Wikipedia. That is, it will make it through the initial screening and become a Wikipedia page.

After that, the Wikipedia community takes over. If the page is not viewable (available for public viewing) on Wikipedia 5 days after first being published, I will refund 50% of the fee. During this 5 days, I will work diligently with my team of Wikipedia editors to resolve any disputes from Wikipedia editors with regard to your credentials.


Photos*: Photos are not included with the standard price. If you want a photo, choose the second option below. Photos will be added 60 – 90 days after the page has been published. Fee covers licensing, consulting, and permissions.


Payment is considered acceptance of these risks and terms.

Investment: $1,000* – Regularly $1,500, discounted by to $1,000 as a Friend of Gina’s.


*Includes 30 days Maintenance – reviewing for changes made by others, incorporating changes requested by you (if appropriate). Value: $100. Ongoing maintenance can be purchased after the page has been published.

Standard Page – WITHOUT Photo or Logo – $1000            


Enhanced Page – WITH Photo or Logo – $1300            
Photo/Logo to be installed after 90 days of publish date.

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