What Are the Most Important Social Media Platforms for Speakers & Authors?

A friend recently asked me:  “Which are the “absolute must” social media platforms that professional speakers in 2013 should participate in? And, what would be on the list of “nice to be on?””

I put together a few quick lists based on what is working for my clients and what I see being important for 2013.

I recommend that speakers start with a blog as the foundation for sharing their intellectual property.  This blog can be text, audio, video, or photo based.  The best blogs incorporate a variety of media.  For speakers, text and video are particularly important.

In order to get traffic to the blog where you can share your thoughts, build your community, and offer your products and services, you need to amplify your content through social networks, bookmarks, and other platforms.  These sites produce great results for my clients.

Absolute Musts:

1.  Linkedin* (personal and company profiles)
2.  Twitter
3.  Facebook* (This is #1 if more B2C (public events) and/or if target is network marketing organizations.)  Most people need a Personal Profile and a Business Page.  However, many speakers can make do with only a Personal Profile.
4.  Google+ – important for SEARCH
5.  Youtube – very important for speakers
* Ideally, speakers will have their own group on either Linkedin or Facebook.

Nice to Be On:

1.  Pinterest  – see www.pinterest.com/diannabooher for a great example
2.  Klout – shows your area of expertise and how influential you really are – increasingly important.  Klout is not exactly a social platform; it is a social scoring system which considers several social networks.
3.  Kred – another social scoring platform.  Good to register and connect accounts.

Collaborative Networks:  (Great places to get your content shared.)

1.  Social Buzz Club – You can join for Free.  If you want to upgrade for more sharing, use discount code BUZZDEAL31 for 51% off.  (my affiliate code)
2.  Triberr – supposed to be a great place for sharing content.  I find it difficult to use.
3.  Facebook Groups like NSA Klout Klimbers (secret group) NSA members can request to join.

Social Bookmarks: 

1.  Stumbleupon – can generate serious traffic
2.  Reddit – even President Obama used this to reach voters in the recent election
4.  Digg

AUTHOR – special sites:

4.  RedRoom


What is your MUST HAVE social platform?  Where do you get the most return on your investment of time, energy, or money?

I’d love to see your comments below.

If you need help with getting traffic to your blog or website, get in touch with me.  My team manages the marketing for several speakers and trains speakers how to use social media marketing to produce the greatest results in the least amount of time.

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Gina Carr works with business leaders who want to get more great reviews and fewer bad ones. A serial entrepreneur and business growth expert, she has an MBA from the Harvard Business School and an engineering degree from Georgia Tech. Gina is the co-author of the McGraw-Hill book, Klout Matters - How to Engage Customers, Increase Digital Influence, and Raise Your Klout Score for Success. Schedule a free strategy session today to learn easy ways for you to get more great reviews ... and, more great customers! www.ginacarr.com/strategy-session.
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  1. I don’t know if I am doing this right, Gina. I’ve only blogged for 732 consecutive days now (as of 1/14/2013)…LOL! I’m VERY active on Facebook (personal and fan), Twitte, LinkedIn, Google+ (personal and page), YouTube and Klout…and to a lesser extent Pinterest. And I’ve got an Amazon Author Central account…but hadn’t heard of the others. Thanks!

  2. We can’t leave foursquare out of the mix… when combined with creative marketing and strategy, it can be a good platform!!!

  3. For me, I would greatly consider that LinkedIn is my social platform. Since LinkedIn is where I used to know clients and other professionals I could possibly work with.

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