Online Reputation Management – Tips from the Pros

I received some valuable tips from several NSA members.  I thought I’d share them here.

David Avrin:  Address less-than-happy clients, vendors and others quickly, respectfully and do everything you can to make it right. Those who feel unheard or disrespected can post volumes of negative information online. And as I remind my teenaged daughters: “The difference between love and the internet? The internet is forever…and ever.”


Donna Cutting Very occasionally a friend or old acquaintance will post on my page using colorful language or something. I simply remove and send them a note explaining I have many business followers and to please keep it clean when posting on my page. 🙂


Donna Cutting Gina, I will add that while I use my personal page for personal reasons – and professional page for business reasons – I’m aware that my audience members, etc. find and follow my personal page. Hence, I try to keep it positive for the most part – and if I really have something personal to share with friends and family, I post only to certain groups of people with the Filters that Facebook provides.


Jeff Korhan Especially important for improving your reputation is to encourage the right type of engagement by asking the right questions:


Pam Lontos Do not feed into the negatives. Don’t start an Internet feud. You will come off looking either defensive or bullying; neither of which do your reputation any good. Keep pumping positive, useful information, tips, suggestions and recommendations out in the form of tweets, blogs postings, articles, Facebook comments, etc. What this is going to do is create a positive “top of mind awareness” for all of your readers, friends and followers. Whenever they think of you, it will be a positive image that far outweighs the one or two negatives. Remember, repetition and frequency will bury the negatives.

Karen Clark The best prevention/remedy is to flood the Internet with positive references to you do there’s no question an unsavory one is either just sour grapes or a fluke! By flood I mean simply making sure there are lots of hits in the search engines – blog posts, articles, social media posts, web pages, videos, reviews, etc. if you’re constantly putting good content out and repurposing it or having others pick it up and repurpose it, a negative piece will be diluted.







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