Klout Power – How To Raise Your Klout score? Have a Birthday!

People often ask me: Gina, how do I raise my Klout score? “It’s easy,” I say. “Just have a birthday.”

When someone has a birthday, Facebook does an excellent job of letting your friends know about it several days in advance – if you’ve made your birthday public.*

Typically, lots of people post on your Facebook personal profile wall on this day and a few days before. This gives you a lot of Klout juice which results in a big jump to your Klout score.

Take a look at this example. This Klout users score went up by 6 points in just a few days. That is a significant and highly unusual increase now that Klout’s scoring is much more stable. Significant daily fluctuations in Klout scores decreased greatly after the infamous #Kloutfail of October 2011 when Klout changed it’s algorithm to reflect data from 90 days instead of 30.

Still, it appears from the Birthday Boost Phenomenon that Klout must use a weighted average which gives more weight to immediate past activity. A simple average would not yield such a significant increase.

It will be interesting to follow this user’s activity to see if and when the score drops back to this users previous “normal” score of around 55.

Birthdays are special events with a beginning and an end.  Thus there is a sense of urgency for people wanting to wish you well.  People recognize that birthdays are important and they want to be part of your special day, to let you know they care.

How can you create more special events on your Facebook profile?  Perhaps you can celebrate other holidays – established ones and special ones. You could also sponsor special events like a Facebook “chat” or “office hours” on your wall to answer questions once a week.

What about you? Have you seen your Klout score jump significantly after a birthday or other special event?  What ideas do you have to “simulate” the Birthday Boost by creating other special event?  Please share in the comments below or on my Facebook page at www.facebook.com/ginacarrfanpage.  And, I invite you to share this post with your friends if you found it helpful.

*Safety note – only publicize your birth month and date on social networking sites. Don’t publicize your birth year as that is an identity theft issue according to experts.

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Birthday Klout

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  1. Hi Gina!
    Interesting blog post – I don’t know a lot about klout but have been following it for the past year. I’m republishing your post to my own blog (syndicating) and just wanted to be sure its all good?
    > http://www.thesparkleagency.com/archives/1986
    Do you ever make it to Toronto?
    Keep up the good work!
    Debbie Horovitch
    Social Media Concierge
    Social Sparkle & Shine

    • Gina Carr gina says:

      Thanks so much for republishing my post. I am glad you found it helpful. I really like your blog. I have not been to Toronto since 1985. I guess it’s time!

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