Digital Marketing – Pictures ARE Worth a 1000 Words! Where to Find Free Images for Your Posts

Photo used with permission. Source: Yung6, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

If you are doing any kind of marketing today, you need great images to get your point across.  Pictures are “short codes” to the brain – they register information at a different level than mere words.  Plus, they look pretty. 🙂

Here are some of my favorite ways to add images and graphics to my blog and facebook posts:


Microsoft Office – Beautiful free images. Very easy to access. – Free clipart.  Nice images.

Wikimedia Commons – a database of over 14 million media files to which anyone can contribute.

Wikipedia’s List of Public Domain Image Resources – a treasure trove of websites with public domain pictures.

U.S. Government Sites – Any .gov site has content that is automatically placed into the public domain. Unless an image states otherwise, you can use it copyright free.   I particularly like these: –The Best Copyright-Free Photo Libraries – Stunning copyright free photos.
U.S. Government Photos and Images 

Free Image-Generating Tool

Zemanta – I use this tool for blogging.  It brings up related pictures based on the words in the post. Works with WordPress, Blogger, Typepad, Tumblr, and other platforms.

Low Cost Images – This is my GO TO resource. 1 year subscription is less than $40 US. Tons of high quality pictures and clipart.

Other Sources

If you use a photo from a third party source, give credit.  I did an article in recently where we used an image of Kobe Bryant from Facebook.  We noted at the bottom of the article that the photo was from Kobe’s Facebook page.  You can see the article here:

Why Kobe Bryant Won’t Be the Next Social Media Disaster

When a photo already includes a name or website, I do NOT make a separate mention of the source.

I’m not an attorney and I am not giving legal advice.  I am just sharing what my team does for myself and my clients and what I believe to be proper practice.

If you want great legal advice on intellectual property rights, I recommend my friend and fellow National Speakers Association member Francine D. Ward, Business & Intellectual Property Lawyer.

What are your favorite sites for images?  I’d love to see your recommendations in the comments below. What guidelines do you use?

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  1. Louise Myers says:

    Hi Gina! Thanks for linking to my post 🙂

    Re “If you use a photo from a third party source, give credit.” It’s a bad idea to use images without permission – whether or not they have a URL on them, whether or not you link back to the site you found them.

    Quoting a great article on Social Media Examiner: “Are you willing to risk your site being taken down, getting a cease and desist/bill/DMCA or being sued? The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) provides very powerful options for a copyright owner to protect his or her works in the digital space.” Some image creators are OK with it, but some aren’t – I recommend never using images without permission.

    • Gina Carr Gina Carr says:

      Thanks, Louise. So, are you suggesting that I should never share a picture on Facebook or pin a pic to Pinterest without first getting permission?

      As for the suggestion I made about giving credit for third-party pics, that is what the editor at Technorati said was fine. I assumed since they have such a successful blog that they knew the proper practice. I asked if I needed permission and they said that we just needed to give credit.

      I’m open to learning more about this important issue.

  2. carrie says:

    awesome post. I checked out wiki commons. Are all those pictures up for grab? If so, what makes iclipart better for you?

  3. disqus_Z1RTkBPabO says: is my new website. You dont have to be a professional photographer to add images and make them free to use. You can use your iphone, its all about giving to the community. please take a look.

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