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I know that a lot of people are frustrated with the new Facebook Profile. Here is a terrific marketer who is making “champagne out of lemons (not just lemonade)” as the brilliant relationship marketing expert Terry Brock likes to say.

Donna did two things to help build her credibility as a professional speaker and trainer by strategically placing pictures* on her profile that show her viewers the following:

1. Credential – she very smartly displays her NSA MEMBER (decal) – NSA is the National Speakers Association. Similar to walking into a store and seeing a “Better Business Bureau” on the door or a diploma hanging on an office wall, this shows the world that she is a serious player in her field of expertise.

2. Relationships – she also very wisely chose a picture of her with Mari Smith, arguably the most recognized thought leader today on Facebook after Mark Zuckerberg. Many people in social media will easily recognize Mari in the picture with Donna.

If you actually click the photo, you will see that Donna has a succinct caption: “Mari Smith and yours truly at the NSA 2010 Winter conference. A pleasure to meet Mari.” (Smart mention – Mari and an important industry event).

Cheers to you DONNA on a job well done with this new tool!

*How do you strategically select the pictures you want on your profile? Follow these steps:

From the awesome guide by @marismith Quick Guide To The New Facebook Profile Layout http://www.marismith.com/quick-guide-facebook-profile-layout/

The five photos at the top of your new profile are the last five you were tagged in – whether you tagged yourself or a friend tagged you. Note: anyone viewing your profile sees these five photos. (Though I have heard some users say they see different photos than the ones the profile owner sees).
To change the photos, mouseover each one and click the “X.” Another will automatically appear in its place.
To control the exact five photos you want, untag then retag (or upload new ones) and tag from right to left (left is the most recent photo). For a fun profile “hack,” see thistutorial/app and these examples on Mashable.com.

Gina Carr
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Gina Carr

Gina Carr works with business leaders who want to get more great reviews and fewer bad ones. A serial entrepreneur and business growth expert, she has an MBA from the Harvard Business School and an engineering degree from Georgia Tech. Gina is the co-author of the McGraw-Hill book, Klout Matters - How to Engage Customers, Increase Digital Influence, and Raise Your Klout Score for Success. Schedule a free strategy session today to learn easy ways for you to get more great reviews ... and, more great customers! www.ginacarr.com/strategy-session.
Gina Carr
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