Facebook For Business: Top Ten Ways to Get People to Like Your Page

Do you find it difficult to get people to LIKE your Facebook Page?  You’re not alone!  I get asked about this all the time.  Here are my top ten easy peasy ways to get people to LIKE your page.

1.  Post on your personal profile – a few times a week. Give people are reason to come over.  Say “Can you hop over to my page? I have a question for you.”  (Give the link to the page.)

2.  Post on other pages that you think would be okay with it – your friend’s profile and page (ask permission if you are not certain such a post would be welcome),  Awesome Women Hub (women), Heartfelt Mens Club (men).

3.  Post in groups where self promotion is cool – groups you belong to, Facebook & Linkedin.

4.  Send a mass email.  The easiest way is to go to the top right corner “Edit Page” > Resources > Tell Your Fans.  Follow the instructions based on the email service that you use.

5. Tag your friends from the page.  You need to have a reason.  For example, if your page is about empowering women, you might do a regular feature like “Powerful Woman of the Day: Jane Doe….” Tell a little about her or include the link to her Facebook page and tag her business page as well.  Use a picture of Jane and tag her in that as well.

6.  Advertise your page.  This can be expensive if you aren’t careful.  However, if you are careful and you can target appropriately, this is a very fast way to get new LIKEs on your page.

7.  Post on other Social Media sites – twitter, Linkedin.  Say something like this:  Are you on Facebook?  Me, too!  Let’s get connected there as well.  www.fb.com/username.

8.  Include in your email signature.  Just use the basic URL – www.facebook.com/username.

9.  Include in all print material.  Put your Facebook username on your business cards, post cards, print ads, etc.

10.  Send out a mass message through the Facebook message system.  Be careful with this.  People can get pretty upset with this.  If you do them one by one, Facebook will consider it spam.  If you do a whole bunch of friends at once, that seems to get by.  Go figure.

I saw this message recently to about 300 people:  “Hi everyone! Sorry for the mass email, but I am wondering if you can do me a quick favor..? WARNING: Iif you reply to this message it goes out to everyone. Questions? Give me a call or email me direct. I would be more than happy to talk to you.  I created a Facebook page for my company:www.facebook.com/username.  I would really appreciate it if you would go to the page and click “Like It”.

Now, I didn’t mind it.  I did notice a lot of people “leaving the conversation.”  Just know in advance that people will leave the conversation.  Decide in advance whether you are going to let that bother you or not.

Gina Carr
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Gina Carr

Gina Carr works with business leaders who want to get more great reviews and fewer bad ones. A serial entrepreneur and business growth expert, she has an MBA from the Harvard Business School and an engineering degree from Georgia Tech. Gina is the co-author of the McGraw-Hill book, Klout Matters - How to Engage Customers, Increase Digital Influence, and Raise Your Klout Score for Success. Schedule a free strategy session today to learn easy ways for you to get more great reviews ... and, more great customers! www.ginacarr.com/strategy-session.
Gina Carr
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  1. More Great tips… Thanks Gina

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