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Gina Carr works with business leaders who want to get more great reviews and fewer bad ones. A serial entrepreneur and business growth expert, she has an MBA from the Harvard Business School and an engineering degree from Georgia Tech. Gina is the co-author of the McGraw-Hill book, Klout Matters - How to Engage Customers, Increase Digital Influence, and Raise Your Klout Score for Success. Schedule a free strategy session today to learn easy ways for you to get more great reviews ... and, more great customers!

Linkedin Image Sizes

Linkedin Graphics: What are the Sizes for Linkedin Images? {Infographic}

Wondering what size is best for Linkedin graphics?  Oh…you didn’t know that you could use graphics on Linkedin?  Well, you can!  The primary place to use graphics in Linkedin is in the corporate pages. Here you go! Share it with friends and let me know how it works for you. And…let’s connect on Linkedin. My […]

Google+ Graphic Dimensions Infographic by Gina Carr

Google+ Graphics – Easy Google+ Dimensions Infographic

Wondering what size is best for Google+ graphics? Here you go! Share it with friends and let me know how it works for you. And…let’s connect on Google+. My handle is

Social Media Marketing Expert Gina Carr works with speakers and authors

What Are the Most Important Social Media Platforms for Speakers & Authors?

In order to get traffic to the blog where you can share your thoughts, build your community, and offer your products and services, you need to amplify your content through social networks, bookmarks, and other platforms.

Digital Marketing - Pictures ARE Worth a 1000 Words! Where to Find Free Images for Your Posts

Digital Marketing – Pictures ARE Worth a 1000 Words! Where to Find Free Images for Your Posts

If you are doing any kind of marketing today, you need great images to get your point across.  Pictures are “short codes” to the brain – they register information at a different level than mere words.  Plus, they look pretty. 🙂 Here are some of my favorite ways to add images and graphics to my […]

Mashable's Social Media Inforgraphic

Experts – Use Social Media to Build Your Platform and Authority

This infographic from Mashable has some terrific statistics about how important social media is for building a reputation as a trusted authority. Enjoy and share!

Randy Gage tells how he is marketing his hot new book: Risky is the New Safe.

How to Create a Number 1 Best Selling Book? Randy Gage Tells All about Risky is the New Safe!

You’re going to love the interview I did with Randy Gage about the MARKETING of his hot new book, Risky is the New Safe. He shares some really juicy nuggets for authors! Listen to the podcast below. Get the book at   The following is the unedited transcript of my interview with Randy Gage. […]

Gina Carr Featured on Technorati about Klout's change in algorithm

Gina Carr Featured in Technorati: Klout Adds Facebook Pages to Algorithm

  My latest article about Klout was just published by Technorati.  Klout just started counting Facebook Pages.  Are you going to connect yours?  Read it here: Klout Adds Facebook Pages. Should You Connect Yours?    

Training Topics – How Gina Carr’s Team Can Help You Learn Marketing – Digital, Social, & Traditional

Gina and her team of expert traininers can work with your organization to customize a program that is right for you, onsite or virtual. Social Media Marketing Intensive – Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Youtube, Blogging, Search Marketing Video Marketing Klout and Social Scoring – How to Raise Your Klout Score and Become an Expert in […]

The 5 Keys To Business Success with Diane Conklin:  How To Finally Have Fun, Make More Money & Take More Time Off, While Growing Your Business

The 5 Keys To Business Success with Diane Conklin: How To Finally Have Fun, Make More Money & Take More Time Off, While Growing Your Business

In this audio program, you will learn:

Why you need a marketing plan, not a business plan to make your business more forward
How to use leverage in your business so you own a business and not a job
The secrets behind the one and only system you need in your business…now or ever

Great Tribe Builder: Ginni Rommety, CEO of IBM, Powerful Communicator

Ginni Rommety, the CEO of IBM, is one of the most powerful and influential tribe builders on the planet because she has great communication skills and other important leadership qualities.

Marketing Expert Gina Carr tells how to name your Facebook Page.

How to Name Your Facebook Page – 5 Keys to Getting Found

Getting a good name for your Facebook page is important for branding, search engine marketing, and online reputation management. This article explains how to choose a good name and shows several examples.

Facebook Webinar for Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Thought Leaders

Webinar – Facebook Marketing for Business Owners – September 24, 2012 – 2 pm EDT

Did you know that … 52% of all Americans over 18 spend at least 1 hour on Facebook every week* 56% of fans say they are more likely to recommend a brand after becoming a fan* 51% of fans say they are more likely to buy a product since becoming a fan* Like it or […]

Webinar – Secrets of Time Management for Social Media & Blogging with Terry Brock – Social Buzz U

  As the Dean of Social Buzz University, I host webinars where we feature experts about business, marketing, and social media.  This week, we are fortunate to be featuring international relationship marketing expert Terry Brock.  Terry will share: THURSDAY AUGUST 23  – 11AM PACIFIC / 2 PM EASTERN* Bottom-Line, Practical, Real-World Uses of Social Media: Secrets […]

Gina Carr featured in Technorati: Klout Scores Big with 400 Signals on 7 Networks

If a picture tells a thousand words, can a video tell 12 billion? No, but Klout is now counting 12 billion (with a B!) data points: 400 signals over 7 networks! I was impressed with their previous number: 1 billion. And, this short video featuring Joe Fernandez goes a long way towards positioning Klout as […]

Key to building a great tribe: Stay Calm

Smart Tribe Builders Don’t Scream

Great tribe builders know that one of the keys to building a powerful tribe is to have happy team members.  News flash: screaming does not engender happiness or loyalty. I know first-hand from my entrepreneurial experiences of having offices full of people how important it is for everyone – especially “the boss” – to keep […]

Monica McPherrin - Pinterest Expert

WEBINAR: PINTEREST for Business Owners with Monica McPherrin – WOAMTEC / Small Business Owner

Did you know that … Buyers coming from Pinterest are spending 10% more than the ones coming from other networks?* Pinterest Users are nearly twice as likely to purchase than Facebook users?* Pinterest is driving more online sales than any other network? As a WOAMTEC member, you have the opportunity to learn from a top […]

Klout considers offline influence in social score

Gina Carr featured in Technorati: Big Changes Coming to Klout Algorithm – Adding Offline Influence

How will Klout measure offline influence? What will change?  What will stay the same?  Find out in this article I wrote that was published by Technorati: Big Changes Coming to Klout by Gina Carr in Technorati     Related articles:   Related articles Will @Klout Make the Same Mistake Twice? Klout preps users for big changes […]

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