Social Networking: How to Leave a Linkedin Group

Linkedin groups are terrific places to network and meet people. Since Linked limits you to only 50 groups, you will often find yourself wishing to leave a group that is not serving you.

However, it is not easy to find out how to leave a group.

Here are the steps:

1. Go to the Group you want to leave

2. Click on the MORE tab on the right

3. Click on “Your Settings”

4. Click “Leave Group” – bottom right corner of the screen.

Enjoy your networking on Linkedin. If you need any help navigating Linkedin, I can help. I provide individual and organizational training on Linkedin.Now, you can go and join other groups that interest you.

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About the Author: Gina Carr is an Entrepreneur, Speaker and Marketing Consultant who works with CEOs and Thought Leaders to leverage social media marketing for more publicity, profits and success. Combining her street-smarts learned as a small business owner with her book-smarts learned at the Harvard Business School and Georgia Tech, Gina helps business owners turn great ideas into profitable money-making machines. Gina is known as The Tribe Builder - helping passionate people build powerful tribes of raving fans for their business or non-profit.

  • Stephen C Monahan

    I tried to leave a couple groups yesterday and could not find out how to do it. Glad I saw your article today.
    Thanks Stephen

    • Gina Carr

      Glad I could help, Steve. I found it very difficult to figure out!

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