What does Klout Count when they Compute Your Klout Score?

People often ask me:  ”Gina, what does Klout count when they compute my Klout score?”

Great question.  I help a lot of clients with this issue when I work with them to improve their Klout

scores and social scores.

Here are the networks that Klout actually counts at this time when computing your Klout score.

Twitter – RT’s and replies to you count more than simple broadcast tweets from you.

Facebook – Your Personal Profile counts but not your Facebook Page and not groups.

******** Update:  As of July 2011, Klout DOES count your Facebook Page OR your Personal Profile, not both.

Linkedin – posts and public group activity counts.  Linkedin counts but not as much as the others.

Google+ - Public posts count – comments, reshares, +1

Foursquare -  Todo’s and Tips – Done

The exact formula is unknown as their algorithm is proprietary.

Although Klout allows you to connect other social networks, they aren’t tabulated as part of the score yet.



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About the Author: Gina Carr is an Entrepreneur, Speaker and Marketing Consultant who works with CEOs and Thought Leaders to leverage social media marketing for more publicity, profits and success. Combining her street-smarts learned as a small business owner with her book-smarts learned at the Harvard Business School and Georgia Tech, Gina helps business owners turn great ideas into profitable money-making machines. Gina is known as The Tribe Builder - helping passionate people build powerful tribes of raving fans for their business or non-profit.

  • http://Basicblogtips.com Ileane

    Hi Gina, this is interesting. I never knew that Facebook Page data doesn’t count. Thanks for filling in the blanks about Klout scores.

    • Gina Carr

      Glad you found that helpful. Make sure that you have your Facebook Personal Profile, not your Page, connected in your Klout settings.

  • http://www.susancritelli.com Susan Critelli

    How do you like that! I never knew Facebook pages didn’t count. Too bad groups don’t count. I am really active in groups.

    • Gina Carr

      Yes, that is one of the biggest questions for people. And, I also wish they counted group activity. I am very active in a number of groups, too.

  • http://bruceandsallywitt.wordpress.com Sally K Witt

    I get irritated with Klout. I hate to be graded unless it is an A. LOL!

    • Gina Carr

      I know what you mean, Sally. I have gotten A’s my whole life. Klout is frustrating because there are so many variables you can’t control. However, by understanding it better, you can control it more.

  • http://www.professionalcontentcreation.com Rebecca Livermore

    Great info; thanks! I’m really surprised that Facebook Pages don’t count. Does this mean we should pay more attention to our personal profiles than our pages? That may require me rethinking my strategy a bit!

    • Gina Carr

      Good question. It depends. If it is important for you to have a good Klout score, then you will want to focus a lot of attention on your Personal Profile. Make sure that your Facebook Personal Profile – not your Page – is attached to your Klout account.

      Your Page has other benefits – extensive analytics, the ability to collect email addresses, and search opportunities – that aren’t present with your Personal Profile.

      For me, I chose to focus more on my Personal Profile until my Klout score got back up to a number that was comfortable for me.

  • http://XeeMe.com/VibeRevStudios/ Jason Grant-Henriques

    Excellent explanation! It was short and to the point. I no longer stress over my Klout score, whether it goes up or down i’m still going on with my web promotions!

    • Gina Carr

      Thanks, Jason. Glad you found it helpful. I would say that I don’t stress over mine. However, my nose might start growing. LOL.

  • http://marthagiffen.com Martha Giffen

    Thanks for clearing up some of the mystery of Klout. While I’m still not a huge fan, I do participate somewhat. I still am of the opinion that my bottom line reflects my true Klout! LOL

    • Gina Carr

      Well said, Martha. It is most important to focus on the true bottom line! Klout is a glorious distraction.

  • http://terezalitsa.blogspot.co.uk/ Tereza

    Still not sure about Klout’s usefullness. However, I admit I’m checking out mine almost every day!

    • Gina Carr

      It’s very addictive, isn’t it? It is increasingly useful for finding people that are influential about a particular subject or product. You can use it to find JV partners, opportunities for guest blogging, and people to tune into that are talking about the things you are interested in. I find it very helpful.

  • http://www.donnamerrilltribe.com Donna Merrill

    Gina, this is wonderful news to me because I was scratching my head trying to figure out why my facebook pals weren’t showing up. Now I know it is not something I did wrong. I thank you for explaining this to me.
    Thanks for the information,
    Donna Merrill

    • Gina Carr

      So glad you found it helpful. I did around for this info frequently. Learning more every day!

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