Klout for Good: Great Example of the Double Bottom Line Cause Marketing Strategy in Action


I’m a big believer in the concept of the Double Bottom Line – doing things that are good for business AND good for the world.

Klout for Good” is a great example of this concept in action.

The print on the picture is a little hard to read so I’ll share it with you:

“Everyone has influence, and we believe influence comes with responsiblity.  With Klout for Good you can leverage your influence to make life better for others.

Our influencers have used their Klout to educate millions about topics ranging from heart disease in women to World AIDS Day.  Help us drive positive change in the world with Klout for Good.”

I think Klout is putting together the right components to become a very successful company – a service that is needed, the ability to leverage technology to deliver that service, and a focus on the double bottom line.

To learn more about what Klout is doing to make the world a better place, visit: http://corp.klout.com/blog/category/klout-for-good/


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Use Your Klout for Good


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About the Author: Gina Carr is an Entrepreneur, Speaker and Marketing Consultant who works with CEOs and Thought Leaders to leverage social media marketing for more publicity, profits and success. Combining her street-smarts learned as a small business owner with her book-smarts learned at the Harvard Business School and Georgia Tech, Gina helps business owners turn great ideas into profitable money-making machines. Gina is known as The Tribe Builder - helping passionate people build powerful tribes of raving fans for their business or non-profit.

  • http://klout.com Kameron

    Hi Gina

    Thanks so much for your article and the kind words. My name is Kameron, I’m on Klout’s Marketing team and run the Klout for Good program. We also just recently launched our partnership with UNICEF earlier this week. Please continue to keep an eye out for more Klout for Good charitable, non-profit partners throughout the year. Thanks again for your support!

    Kameron Kitajima
    Marketing Associate at Klout

    • Gina Carr

      Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I will keep an eye out and will continue to share the great things you are doing.

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